Our Alumni

Stanford Daily alumni have gone on to pursue careers in a wide range of different fields. From journalism and tech to business and education, our alums can be found innovating in top newsrooms, startups, law firms, classrooms and more across the globe. Preview a few of them here:

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Nicholas Thompson ’97, former Opinions columnist
Ryan Mac ’11, former News and Features editor
Devin Banerjee ’11, Vol. 236 Editor-in-Chief
George Anders ’78, former Managing Editor
Mini Racker ’18, former News staff writer
Gillian Brassil ’19, former Staff Development and News editor
Berber Jin ’20, former News editor
Toluse Olorunnipa ’08, former staff writer
Fiona Kelliher ’18, former News editor
Randall Keith ’78, former News and Photo editor
Toluse Olorunnipa ’08, former staff writer


Joey Beyda ’15, Vol. 247 Editor-in-Chief
Veronica Cruz ’16, former Head Copy Editor and CRO
Sam Girvin ’16, former Photo editor


Andrew Vogeley ’17, Vol. 249 Editor-in-Chief
Mary Liz McCurdy ’09, former COO and VP Sales
Arianna Lombard ’18, former COO
Tim Marklein ’91, Vol. 196 Editor-in-Chief
Kevin Zhang, former COO


Andrew Bridges ’76, former Photography and Opinions editor


Miles Bennett-Smith ’13, former COO and Vol. 243 EIC