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The Friends of The Stanford Daily

The Friends of the Stanford Daily was formed by Stanford Daily alumni in 1991 to ensure The Stanford Daily‚Äôs long-term financial viability and provide educational opportunities for The Daily’s staff.

Since 1991, the Friends has sponsored a bi-annual Daily alumni reunion during Big Game weekend, funded summer scholarships to enable Daily staff to seek internships, created a partnership with the San Jose Mercury News for a dedicated Stanford Daily summer internship, and provided numerous professional development seminars, discussions and opportunities for Daily staff.

A decade ago, the Friends spearheaded a 15-year-long effort leading to the construction of the new Lorry I. Lokey Stanford Daily Building at 456 Panama Mall. The Friends also took the lead on the new Stanford Daily Digitization Project, which to digitized all physical records of the Stanford Daily for online access. The archives can be viewed here.

For spearheading these efforts, a grateful Daily would like to offer special acknowledgments to Lorry I. Lokey ’49 and Arthur Charles Hoffman ’73, M.B.A. ’76, without whom these ventures would not have been possible.

Board of Directors

Board Chair/President: Andrew Bridges ’76
Director: Timothy Marklein ’91
Director: Damian Marhefka ’91
Director: In Ho Lee ’09
Director: Emma Talley ’24
Director: Linda Liu ’25


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of California, The Friends of The Stanford Daily makes its bylaws and meeting minutes available to the public.

Bylaws of The Friends of The Stanford Daily