Friends Advisory Board

The Friends of The Stanford Daily Foundation seeks, as members of its Advisory Board, persons with enthusiasm, experience and energy to help carry out the mission of The Friends in the service of The Stanford Daily, with a focus on the following areas:

  1. Willingness to provide on-call journalistic advice and to provide feedback to Daily staffers (for active or retired practicing journalists only).
  2. Service as a cohort (2-volume, one-year) secretary (or co-secretary), to solicit and assemble news about alumni, for use in an online newsletter or the Friends website.
  3. Service as a regional captain (or co-captain) for occasional dinners or regional events apart from our traditional events.
  4. Assistance with development activities by identifying potential development professionals or potential donors, by helping solicit donations, or by demonstrating leadership in financial support.
  5. Service on a Rapid Response team as needed to safeguard The Daily’s independence and to enlist public support for The Daily.
  6. Technical assistance to The Friends regarding its website, social media, and other communications channels.
  7. Advice to The Friends with respect to prudent management of endowments and other investments.
  8. Advice to The Friends with respect to awards of scholarships or fellowships to Daily staffers and awards of honors to Daily alumni and supporters.
  9. Availability to provide career mentorship (not just in journalism) to Daily staffers and young alumni.
  10. Overall loyalty to the interests of The Stanford Daily.