Since 1991, alumni support through the Friends has allowed us to offer a number of scholarships to Daily staffers. See below for descriptions and click to read more about our 2021 and 2020 scholarship recipients.

The Opportunity Fellowship (*new in 2021*)

The $1,000 Stanford Daily Opportunity Fellowship is awarded each quarter to Daily staff members who want to spend more time on The Daily, but who may face financial obstacles to doing so. This purpose of this fellowship is to replace the need of a student to take paid work that would make the Daily inaccessible to them, thereby creating pathways for more students with financial need to contribute to The Daily. The 2021 winter quarter pilot launch of this fellowship is a step toward The Daily’s goal of offering financial aid to all members with need.

Note: We’ve started this pilot with a very small pool of fundraising, and would love to be able to keep it going in future years. To donate directly to supporting the future of this fellowship, please click here and designate your gift to the Opportunity Fellowship. Thank you!

Winter 2021 fellowship recipients include: Michael Espinosa ’21, Rachel D’Agui ’22, Abi Lopez ’22, Anastasiia Malenko ’23, Rosana Maris Arias ’23, and Jordan Ratsirarson ’24.

The George Caulfield Award

The $2,000 George Caulfield Award is presented to a Stanford Daily staff member who has demonstrated significant skills as a writer and/or editor for The Daily and has contributed to the quality and success of The Daily. The award results from a gift to Stanford from Lorry Lokey ’49, former Daily editor and founder/president of Business Wire in honor of George F. Caulfield ’48, former Daily editor and retired journalist and public relations executive.

Previous Caulfield award winners include: Elena Shao (2020), Holden Foreman (2020), Julia Ingram (2019), Courtney Douglas (2018), Fangzhou Liu (2018), Alexa Philippou (2017), Samantha Wong (2017), Erica Evans (2016), Kylie Jue (2016).

The Harry Press Award

The $6,000 Harry Press Award is intended to make it easier for an outstanding Daily staff member to accept a summer newspaper internship, or to continue working at The Daily during their senior year. The award is a result of a gift from Lorry Lokey, ’49, general manager and president of Business Wire. It honors Harry Press, ’39, former Daily managing editor, longtime journalist and Stanford staff member, and former Stanford Daily Board member. Harry dedicated much of his life to both journalism and Stanford, serving as the managing director of the Professional Journalism Fellowships and the Knight Fellowships Program at Stanford, the founding editor of the alumni newspaper The Stanford Observer, and an associate editor at the Stanford News Service. 

Previous Press award winners include: Julia Ingram (2020), Emily Wilder (2020), Brian Contreras (2019), Ada Statler (2017), Ruairi Arrieta-Kenna (2016, Politico); Lauren Wilson (2012), Jane LePham (2011); Elizabeth Titus (2010); Eric Messinger (2009); Andrea Fuller and Natalie Jabbar (2008); Gerry Shih (2007); Elizabeth Aguilar and Andrew Leifer (2006). 

The Julius Jacobs Award

The $1,000 Julius Jacobs Award is presented to a Stanford Daily staff member who demonstrates journalistic talent, as well as contributions and dedication to The Daily. The award results from a bequest to the Friends of The Stanford Daily Foundation from the Julius Jacobs family. Julius Jacobs, Editor in Chief, Vol. 87, was managing editor of the Hanford Sentinel, and worked for the Merced Sun and Palo Alto Times. Jacobs moved into public relations with a position at the California Wine Institute and later worked as a freelance wine writer and public relations consultant. The Jacobs Award intends to help a Daily staffer with expenses during a summer journalism internship and is targeted at students new to The Daily who show exceptional promise in the journalism field.

Previous Jacobs award winners include: Sarayu Pai (2020), Claire Wang (2018), Kit Ramgopal (2017), Ashley Westhem (2016).

The William F. Woo Award

This $1,000 award recognizes a Stanford University student who has demonstrated excellence in opinion writing for The Stanford Daily. The Stanford Daily’s Board of Directors established this grant to honor the memory of board member and Stanford journalism professor William F. Woo, who died in 2006. William Woo spent 10 years teaching journalism at Stanford after a 34-year career at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, including 10 years as editor. He was a popular teacher and mentored many Daily staff members.

Previous winners include: Anat Peled (2020), Nadav Ziv (2019), Connor Toups (2019), Medina Husakovic (2018), Amanda Rizkalla (2017), Rhea Karuturi (2016), Madeleine Chang (2016).

The Friends of The Stanford Daily and The Mercury News Internship Program

The Friends of The Stanford Daily/The Mercury News Internship program is a unique opportunity for a Stanford Daily staffer to report and write for a major, nationally recognized newspaper near Stanford. The intern participates in a ten-week summer internship program beginning in June and earns a stipend based on Guild internship salaries funded by the Friends of The Stanford Daily.

Previous interns include: Daniel Wu ’21, Erin Woo ’21, Anna-Sofia Lesiv ’20, Gillian Brassil ’19, Hannah Knowles ’19, Jeremy Quach ’18, Ed Ngai ’15 and Molly Vorwerck ’14.